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he's just a b o y.
Harry James Potter, 15. Hobbies include: Quidditch, sleeping, and defeating dark lords. The usual.

Hogwarts | 5th Year

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I got an answer

my life is one big “wow ok”


this is all I need

u still down to ride my broomstick or nah


"Turn down for what." Hermione smirked.

He comes up from behind in his invisibility cloak, hoping be wouldn't give her too much of a scare before whispering ever so softly in her ear, "hail hydra."


Hermione immediately whirled around and yanked the cloak off of his head, whacking him hard with The Daily Prophet. “This-! Is why-! We can’t have-! Nice things-!”


[ She opened her mouth to object, but he already beat her to the chase. ]

”- Damn…”


[ She hopes to lighten the mood, because she rarely ever curses and it’s such a teenage thing to do, but her smile falters slightly, and she takes the hand that’s marked to look at it again. An excuse to hold his hand. Bigger than her own, but slender like a pianists. Covered in callouses that roughened his pale skin. She hated Umbridge, and her rage intensified. She had hurt the one she lo - …wait, what? ]

"Well, if you say so…then I guess I’ll give it a shot, yeah?"

[ She smiled, the pads of her fingers tracing absentmindedly across his skin. ]


"Great, I can — no I can’t. Hermione, we seem to be forgetting one tiny thing: Umbridge won’t let me get anywhere near a Quidditch field, remember? I…”

[ he trails off, just noticing her hands were touching his again. He smiles again, he found the tracings of his hands… cute. Wait. Did he -? Did he just use ‘cute’ to describe it? Well, there’s nothing really wrong with that.. right? ]

               “..I guess we’ll have to wait until next year. If she isn’t here next year, that is.”

  [ he finally completes his sentence, his eyes still glued to their hands. ]



"I thought you’d be taller, funny, the way they tell stories, you’d be ten feet tall."


"Guess you can’t believe anything until you see it with your own eyes."

Funnily enough, you’re not the
 only one who thinks so.”


He takes a sip of his butterbeer,
finally enjoying what had seemed
to be a break from auror training.

"Guess not."



"—— What the bloody hell
are you looking at? Keep
walking, Gryffindork, before you
accidentally trip down the


"Gryffindork, huh? Hilarious.
 How long did it take to come
up with that one?”

 [ He glares at her, deciding it’s probably
 best if he ignored her from this point. She
 wasn’t worth it. ]

                 “And as much as I appreciate your concern,
                  I think I can watch out for myself, thanks.”




So you’re the infamous Harry Potter. Pleasure to meet you, truly. Though I’m sure you get that quite a lot.❞

Quite a bit, yeah. Though I — er — wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a pleasure. I’m only just a person, after all.”


"I don’t think I caught your name?"